Spanish hotels, Paradores, villas and resorts

Parador-Ronda_2146827b Let’s talk about accommodations in Spain: Hotels, paradores, boutique hotels, villas/vacation rentals and resorts. There is such a great variety of great places to stay while on vacation in Spain. There really is something for everyone. From simple homestays to a magical weekend getaway in one of Spain’s famous Paradores. Lets start the discussion about one desination and move around the country. I pick the wonderful town of Ronda in the state of Andalucia. Located 612 km from Madrid or only 149 km from Cadiz. A favorite place for some of my clients this spring has been the Reina Victoria located on the gorge about $196.00 per night including all taxes, service fees and a full breakfast. Other hotels that have received good reviews by my clients are: The Don Miguel Hotel (about $150 per night including taxes and breakfast), The Maestranza (about $147 per night including tax and breakfast) and the budget Ronda Polo (about $82 per night including taxes, but not breakfast). The Parador is the “big deal” in town and it begins about $204 per night and includes tax and full breakfast. The Parador is located on the Pl. de Espana a great location right on the gorge. Built in the 18th century the place is dripping with history. They have a pool with an amazing view! This Parador also has a half board special that includes Breakfast and Dinner…it is a good value.
OK anyone have other ideas for hotels in Ronda. I am trying to focus on hotels in town…..there are lots of little places outside the city center too.

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